As of now, the smartwatch market is a two-man race against Samsung and Pebble.

Samsung dropped their newest smartwatches just a few weeks ago, and they're hoping to capitalize on their growing market lead since Apple hasn't released their iWatch soon enough (ahem, not at all.) Yet, Google just came out of left field with a beautiful OS that's built specifically for wearables, which is about to change the game and create for more competitors to Samsung and Pebble.

It’s called Android Wear, and it’s for any smart device that could be worn by a user. The company is starting with the smartwatch, though, and Google has tailored the OS to bring contextual information to users—in other words, updates from apps, instant messages, and routes to destinations.

It feels somewhat like Google Glass, in that in works with voice recognition. Saying “OK Google” will allow users to ask questions or gets things done. Users will also be able to control other devices from their watch (no word yet if it will work with iOS devices.)

LG and Motorola are already working on their own smartwatches powered by Android Wear, and damn, do they look good.

[via Mashable]