Alec Baldwin is taking some time out of his busy schedule retiring from public life to guest star on Law and Order: SVU. He plays a meddlesome reporter for the New York Post Ledger who is given full access to Benson's squad by the higher ups. The Special Victims Unit has had a fraught relationship with journalists in the past (all those pesky reporters do is muck things up!), so we're guessing this will be no different.

Baldwin has been quite vocal about his distate for journalists (flinging homophobic slurs at them, for one) so we have no doubt that his portrayal of Ledger columnist Jimmy McArthur (classic reporter name) will be dripping with slime. Just remember, Alec, what would Jack Donaghy do? 

Jack 30 Rock

The episode airs March 19 at 9 p.m. E.T.

[via TV Line]