A tattooist at Red Legged Devil tattoo shop recently posted a picture of his newly tattooed dog on Instagram. Though the artist's account has since been deleted, a screenshot on Gothamist clearly shows the newly-inked pup with a heart tattoo. The text below explained that a vet allowed the piece to be completed while the dog was under anesthesia getting her spleen removed. 

Shortly after posting, a statement on Red Legged Devil's account (also deleted) assured followers that the dog had not been tattooed at the shop. Commenters urged the ASPCA to step in, as the case could be seen as animal cruelty. Then again, Chris Torres, the shop's owner, also pointed out on Twitter that the ASPCA commonly tattoos animals to keep track of them. So which is it: a case of art or animal cruelty? 

[via Gothamist]