Since NYPD commissioner William J. Bratton took office earlier this year, the number of arrests of peddlers and panhandlers on public transportation has increased dramatically, but it's going to take more than that to improve the shitty passenger experience provided by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City.

There is no public transportation equivalent for road rage, but many MTA passengers share the same violent anger that causes drivers in Los Angeles to break things with crowbars, golf clubs, and baseball bats. New Yorkers respond to horrible MTA service and stalled union negotiations with GIFs, boycotts, and strikes. When things get really bad, we take taxis, walk, or ride bicycles (alternatives that have their own set of problems.)

When it comes to the morning commute, however, most New Yorkers are at the mercy of the MTA and its unreliable service. Here are just a few of the suboptimal scenarios one encounters on the train or bus daily—some of them horrible enough to make you seriously consider finding a new mode of transportation.

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