We all made mistakes in college. Some of those mistakes, like skipping your chemistry exam to camp out for the Grand Theft Auto release, will haunt you forever. Some of them remain secrets between you, your roommates, and old Facebook albums you forgot to delete. So much was terrible about your undergraduate life that it's hard to choose what to be embarrassed about: the clothes you wore, the beers you drank, or the posters on your dorm room wall.

It seems that there are only fifty posters that American college students are allowed to hang on their dorm room walls. Most of them find a way to be both dull and douchey. (The truly great dorm room posters are offensive and ironic.) Odds are, if you had anything on your dorm room wall besides a whiteboard, you'd be ashamed to hang it in your apartment now. Let’s remember those days of wanting so desperately to be different—just like everybody elsewith these horrible posters you used to love and are now smart enough to hate.

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