Ft. Hood, Texas is one of the world's largest military bases (the amount of soldiers fluctuates depending on absurd threats from North Korea.) It doesn't matter what you think of the military: Global gatekeepers of democracy? Cool. Glorified gangsters with camouflaged uniforms and guns? Cool. 

One thing that should be accounted for, though, is that the armed forces has the most diverse workforce in America. Many men and women join the military to follow in the footsteps of their mothers and fathers. It's almost like when Gus Wenner became editor at RollingStone.com, except you actually have to work hard. 

No matter how you feel about the military, it gives people from different walks of lives an opportunity to feed, clothe, and house themselves. It's kind of like the rap game. It's way less lucrative, but if you hustle and can run a mile in a respectable amount of time, you can carve out a decent future.