Sure, hold your nose up to those hillbillies, hicks, and rednecks. They're simple people and they talk strange, but they know how to have some fun. The greatest bit of concrete evidence towards this theory is the sacred tradition of floatin' the river

The first time I learned of this phenomenon, I thought it was the stupidest shit I'd ever heard. Why would I want to sit in a tube and drink for two hours under the hot sun when I could drink for hours on end in front of air conditioning?

The simple answer is because it's the holy grail of summer activities. The sun may be drop-kicking you in the nuts, but you're slowly floating in an ice cold river with good friends and a cooler of beer by your side. If you're smart, you'll bring along a jug of homemade Texas Tea, too. Just try to ignore the folks blasting George Strait and the deadly hangover you'll have in the morning.