It’s possible you’ll freeze to death. A man might pee right next to you (or on you). Once a month your rent check will give you vertigo. Still, you argue New York is one helluva town. Rap Gods, media bigwigs, literary mavens, Broadway virtuosos, and more all rubbing elbows. 

The skyline is the epitome of the American Dream—it was built by us, with our bare hands. The City whispers, "no matter where you're from, you can make it here," and you keep listening like the rest of the dreamers.

Yes, New York is wonderful, with its Brooklyn hipsters, starry-eyed kids, and outrageously rich dudes living out their own personal Gatsby fantasies. The one thing they all have in common is an unrivaled arrogance when it comes to how great their city is. Well, nearly unrivaled. Texas takes the cake in the arrogance game, and that's because, to put it simply, Texas is better than New York.

Right now, throngs of New Yorkers are temporarily migrating to Austin for South By Southwest. They're taking their aggression—usually reserved for tourists in Times Square—out on Texas. But, you know what? That's fine, because if they bothered to pay any damn attention they might realize Austin is better than their precious land of overpriced pizza. Yeah, I said it. Texas is better than New York, and here are 15 damn good reasons why. 

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