Alcohol will quickly make you hygienically disgusting, whereas marijuana will only make you a little crunchy. I have been smoking pretty much every day for—oh man—it must be six years now. While I am more often than not too lazy to trim my thick, manly beard, I keep my person pretty clean (I find one shower a week consistent with my eco-values). If you're anything like my former landlord, nightly drunkenness begins to affect your appearance in no time at all. You'll soon find yourself combatting greasy, blemished skin, and gas. Alcohol will make you fat, directly, by changing the way you metabolize sugar, while pot will only make you fat indirectly, through the neurological phenomenon known as the munchies. And if you're anything like that ol' landlord o' mine, alcohol will give you some gnarly yellow fungus under your toenails, too, but you will continue to wear sandals everywhere despite the curled-up lips and wrinkled noses of everyone in whatever room you've just walked into.