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Nintendo has a great opportunity in its Virtual Console platform, but it's one that the legendary gaming company has so far mostly squandered.

Here's a digital marketplace where Nintendo can re-release its many, many classic titles—and even other companies' classics—with minimal to no changes for premium prices.

And what does Nintendo do with the Virtual Console? It lets it stagnate.

The VC really hit its stride on the original Wii, when a steady stream of games was coming out. But the Wii U has been out for well over a year and only the tiniest fraction of VC games have been ported to the new platform. The ones that have made it over are great, with GamePad controls, off-TV gameplay, and save states that make punishing retro games easier.

But that just makes it all the more galling that Nintendo refuses to keep up with its fans' demands for digital retro games. Some of the games on this list have never been released on Virtual Console; others, we just really want to see on the Wii U's GamePad.

Either way, Nintendo could do its fans (and itself) a favor by putting them out stat.

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