Forget Christmas—everybody knows March Madness is the most wonderful time of the year.

With the 2014 NCAA tournament upon us, we got to thinking: what if, instead of featuring superstars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant on the cover of the popular NBA 2K video game, what if the folks over at 2K Sports elected to feature a player fresh out of college?

It may sound crazy, but hear us out.

Sure, there are plenty of current NBA pros worthy of a spot on the 2K cover who have been overlooked thus far. However, given the quality of college players who are set to enter the league later this year, featuring an up-and-coming baller could be a refreshing take on a game that has be lacking in creativity as far as cover athletes go.

Given the franchise’s past, not to mention the logistics involved, the chances of this happening are fairly slim—we know this. Though, if it were to happen, here are the 10 current college ballers who would get our vote for a spot on the cover of 2K15.

Sorry, Melo.

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