In a bid to consolidate their power-base as a creator of original content, Xbox Studios is reportedly developing a series based on Nas' life and early career.

This April marks the twenty year anniversary of Nas' seminal Illmatic, and Xbox Studios will be producing a series based on the ", family and the trials and tribulations of the rap game" in the early 90s, according to Deadline.

Street Dreams will be loosely based on the New York City's artist's first days in the the rap game. The series will be helmed by Jonathan Levine (The WacknessWarm Bodies) who will write and direct, Nas will be contributing music and his own writing to the project as well.

Street Dreams is another piece of original content being developed by Xbox Studios. This comes on the heels of the same studio already working on a Halo mini-series directed by Steven Spielberg. 

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[via Deadline]