Most free-to-play games are still pretty crappy, but a few rise above. World of Tanks on PC is one of the those games and now it's headed to Xbox 360 free to gold subscribers

Not a gold subscriber? Then you can try out a seven day, truly free trail. All basic parts and tank models are free but – of course – you can pay to unlock Premium Tanks which offer better performance but are non-upgradable.

Never gotten your feet wet in the rusty iron mash of World of Tanks? Gameplay is as follows: Tank = Smash. You are a tank, your friends are tanks and there are plenty of bad guys to ram and blow to pieces.

The game features 100 tank models from the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom at launch with more to follow. Check out the beta video above for some smashing gameplay footage. World of Tanks rolls onto Xbox 360 next week February 12.

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[Via TotalXbox]