A woman in San Francisco had her purse, phone, and Google Glass stolen after showing them off at a bar in Lower Haight.

"OMG so you’ll never believe this but… I got verbally and physically assaulted and robbed last night in the city, had things thrown at me because of some *** Google Glass haters,” the Google Glass wearer, Sarah Slocum, wrote on her Facebook page.

According to people who were at Molotov's, the bar where Slocum was hanging out, she was being friendly and demonstrated the smartglasses to those who were around, but a group at the bar became agitated at the thought of being recorded by the device. Two women and a man from the group approached her and said an insult, and a man who was with Slocum threw fists at the guy. In the scuffle, Slocum had her belongings stolen, but was able to recover her Google Glass later—which has video of the man who snatched them off her face.

“The crowd was jeering as any last call crowd would do with a fight outside of a bar,” said Brian Lester, a witness. “She was running around very excited … and people were telling her, ‘you’re being an *** take those glasses off.”

“You know, the crowd at Molotov’s is not a tech-oriented crowd for the most part,” said another man who went by "Brian."

“It’s probably one of the more punk rock bars in the city. So you know, it’s not really Google Glass country.”

[via CBS]