Leo's time has come—according to the Internet, that is.

The Meltwater Group specializes in analyzing news and social media posts two months before the Oscars, and has been conducting their annual study for three years. They've found out that in that time, the actor or movie that gets the most buzz on the Internet two months before the awards ceremony has taken home the prize. Not that the Internet is picking the winner, it's more that the Internet's chatter has lined up with what Oscar voters seemed to have felt as well. Last year, the group correctly picked out five of six of the major Oscar categories according to its numbers, and selected Argo to win over Lincoln for Best Picture, though it was considered an upset.

In this year's report, it seems that Wolf of Wall Street is the Internet's pick for Picture of the Year, with director Martin Scorsese taking home the Oscar for Best Director. And yes, Leonardo DiCaprio is by far the Internet's choice for Best Actor, with 49-percent of social media users discussing him over the next favorite, Matthew McConaughey, with 21-percent.

Here are Meltwater's findings:

Best Picture

The Wolf of Wall Street: 23.63%
American Hustle: 20.27%
Captain Phillips: 17.79%
12 Years a Slave: 13.51%
Dallas Buyers Club: 6.44%
Her: 5.27%
Gravity: 5.09%
Nebraska: 4.39%
Philomena: 3.61%

Best Actor

Leonardo DiCaprio: 49.72%
Matthew McConaughey: 21.28%
Christian Bale: 16.65%
Chiwetel Ejiofor: 8.01%
Bruce Dern: 4.34%

Best Actress

Meryl Streep: 24.83%
Cate Blanchett: 23.97%
Amy Adams: 23.94%
Sandra Bullock: 21.21%
Judi Dench: 6.05%

Best Director

Martin Scorsese: 35.74%
Steve McQueen: 27.72%
David O. Russell: 15.89%
Alfonso Cuarón: 14.93%
Alexander Payne: 5.73%

Best Supporting Actor

Jared Leto: 51.83%
Jonah Hill: 22.20%
Bradley Cooper: 15.60%
Michael Fassbender: 7.16%
Barkhad Abdi: 3.20%

Best Supporting Actress

Jennifer Lawrence: 65.16%
Lupita Nyong'o: 15.68%
Julia Roberts: 15.60%
June Squibb: 1.95%
Sally Hawkins: 1.61%