One of the greatest things about the original Lords of Shadow was how well the combat was balanced (and re-balanced, as the game grew progressively more difficult), and a big part of that was the dual offensive-defensive light and dark magic systems. For Lords of Shadow 2 MercurySteam has brought back the magical void sword first seen in Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate, which kinda-sorta appears to replace the "light" magic system from the original game.

In addition to replenishing health, the void sword is, as you can see from this trailer, also an offensive ice-based blade, and one that you can evidently customize with different properties (MercurySteam seems to be really pushing the RPG elements in this sequel). As long as Lords of Shadow 2 retains the tight combat from the original (and hopefully the breathtaking gothic architecture), the final chapter in this Castlevania saga should be excellent. Lords of Shadow 2 releases at the end of the month.

Via Youtube