Authorities in Milwaukee say a man stole a rare, extremely expensive violin from a orchestra concert master, in broad daylight nonetheless.

On Jan. 27, Frank Almond was robbed of his multi-million dollar Stradivarius violin after being subdued by a Taser outside of Wisconsin Lutheran College in Brookfield, Wisc. The crime was reportedly orchestrated by Universal Knowledge Allah (right), 36, with the help of co-conspirator Salah Salahadyn (left), 41. 

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that a customer at Allah's barbershop overhead him discussing the robbery on Feb. 1. After asking the customer for a ride home, Allah reportedly told him that Salahdyn had used "the electric, not the heat," in reference to the Taser. 

Allah was arrested at his home, and authorities discovered "binders" of articles about Stradivarius violins and art theft. Back in the 90s, he was convicted for stealing a $20,000 sculpture from a Pfister Hotel gallery, then trying to sell it back to the hotel. Both he and Salahadyn face robbery charges, while Allah faces additional charges for marijuana possession.

[via Gawker and Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]