Right now, police are breaking apart protest camps in Kiev, Ukraine, to drive out 20,000 protesters who have been there for two months protesting Ukrainian president Viktor F. Yanukovych.

Police officers drove armored vehicles into barriers erected by the protesters at Independence Square, and protesters struck back using fireworks and rocks. Eighteen people, including police and civilians, have reportedly been killed so far, along with hundreds injured. Protesters are saying that police have been using live bullets in their confrontations. 

Streaming video of the event broadcast through YouTube (above video) show a place engulfed in fire, with tents used by the protesters currently aflame. Tear-gas from anti-riot teams can be seen rising into the air along with smoke from the burning materials, which include tires, wood, and the belongings of the protesters.

“We see that this regime started shooting at people again," said Arseniy Yatseniuk, an opposition leader. "They want to drown Ukraine in blood,” he shouted. “We won’t react on a single one of their provocations. But we won’t make any single step back from here, from this Maidan.”

A group of elderly women reported yelled at police, saying, “Killers!,” and “Shoot us! Just shoot us, kill us, kill us, you bastards!” reports the Times. 

The protests started after the president accepted a $2 billion dollar lifeline from Russia to purchase Ukrainian government bonds.

[via New York Times