Frank Darabont was hoping he could ride the momentum of his success with The Walking Dead when he launched his period noir drama, Mob City, over on TNT late last year. Unfortunately, the ratings just didn’t follow Darabont to the crime genre, and now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Mob City has been canceled after just six episodes.

A Turner spokesperson had this to say about the series: "Mob City was created as a three-week television event and we are incredibly proud of the six hours we presented of this remarkable drama. Although the ratings of the limited series haven't warranted more hours we are eager to work with Frank Darabont again and were delighted to bring the vibrant world of Mob City to life.”

While Turned may have thought of Mob City as a six-hour TV event, Darabont had hoped to turn it into something bigger, like he did with Walking Dead. In an effort to get people interested and boost ratings, the network even doubled up on new episodes many nights. However, the series only garnered 1.68 million viewers per episode. In the end, those numbers couldn’t justify the expense of another season.

Are you sad to see Mob City go? Or are you scratching your crime itch with shows like Boardwalk Empire and True Detective instead? Let us know what you think.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]