Microsoft dished out two new videos ahead of the Titanfall beta that kicks off this Friday, Valentine's Day, on PC and Xbox One. Both videos give you the basics and some more elaborate tips to set you on your mech-killing way.

Most helpfully are some pilot parkor instructions, such as hanging off walls and over doorways and how to quickly scale buildings. Also included as some handy Titan takedown tips including the Titan Rodeo and when exactly you can rush in to pluck a flailing pilot from his downed machine.

The second video (below) offers an overview of the three game modes available in the beta and a few more quick tips to not be siting out of every other round.

The Titanfall beta starts up Friday ahead of its Xbox One and PC launch on March 11, with an Xbox 360 version to follow on March 25. Check out our hands-on preview here.

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