The beta for Titanfall is finally going live this Friday for PC and Xbox One users publisher Electronic Arts (EA) confirmed this morning.

Registration is now open at and will remain open until Friday, chances are though it will fill up fast – no matter the size – so if you're interested get in early.

Publisher EA describes the beta test as “large scale” but since Titanfall has managed to be become the most anticipated spring release there won't be enough for everyone. EA has no current plans to beta-test the game on Xbox 360.

Those lucky enough to get into the beta will have access to three Titanfall game modes: a deathmatch called Attrition; a command point capturing game called Hardpoint Domination; lastly there is Last Titan Standing, which is all about mech showdowns.

Titanfall beta sign-up is open now, EA says anyone who signs up and is selected will get game keys by the end of the weekend. Titanfall is currently set to release on March 11 for PC and Xbox One with an Xbox 360 version following two weeks later.

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[Via Eurogamer]