If you own a Xbox One I hope you enjoyed your fleeting glimpse at the Titanfall beta as it comes to close tonight February 19 at 9pm EST.

Like an efficient mechanized THX1138 lover the beta swooped in on Valentine’s day and now our half-fortnight tryst is being taken away until the mech-on-man-on-mech (MmM) action returns in three weeks for the final release on March 11.

The beta was originally set to expire yesterday but as the huge influx of players stressed servers Microsoft and developer Respawn Entertainment extended the test by one more day. And for those complaining about server issues, there is a reason that beta tests are free and for that matter called “tests.” Be glad the issues happened now instead of the main game – fingers crossed.

Check out our hands-on impressions of Titanfall and this video update with our man who stayed up all night killing other media types in enormous virtual murder machines – cause that's what they call work around here.

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