Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment discusses some of the perils of creating a brand new game world and some of the changes that had to be made to make Titanfall all it could be.

OXM spoke with game designers Fairfax McCandish and Justin Hendry about some of the ideas that didn't survive the editing process. One in particular was that players had a lot more control over the Auto-Titan feature.

Auto-Titan commands in Titanfall allow for pilots to jump out of their massive mechs and command them to guard or follow, but in early versions of the game players could command their Titans to advance into unknown areas or act as screens. However this turned into AI controlled Titans running into a lot of problems.

"Yeah, we definitely thought about being able to send them out, put them in an aggressive kill mode, so that they seek other players out," Hendry told OXM. "But the things that were the most useful to players were being able to say 'wait here, I'm going to come back for you.' essentially like parking a car, and 'come look for me.'”

While there are only three known classes set for Titanfall's final release on March 11, the developer experimented with many different types before settling on three that fit into gamer's preferred play styles.

"We knew what kind of play styles we wanted to support," Hendry explained. "We knew some people would want something a bit faster, some people would want something a bit heavier. And we experimented with some things for sure, different values in terms of how they move, different abilities, and we did a lot of experimentation, and ended up with the three that we had."

"The cutting room floor is three feet deep on this game,” he said, “it was a bit of a bloodbath.” From the beta we played it was well worth it. Some gamers may not like the leanness – 3 mechs, not a million weapons – but it's the leanness of the game that's going to keep it fun and somewhere between military shooter and arcade shooter. Titanfall drops on March 11 for Xbox One and Microsoft PC. Check out our hands-on preview here.

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