Telltale Games continues the second season of the hugely popular The Walking Dead with the episode 2, A House Divided on March 4 for PlayStation 3, Mac and Windows PC.

Xbox 360 and iOS versions will be released later in March, Telltale confirmed in a press release this morning. The latest episode will put you out $4.99 but is included to all those who already own The Walking Dead Season 2 pass.

The trailer introduces a new character, Carver, a mysterious man with motives are still uncertain but who is hunting the questionably moral group that Clementine finds herself aligned with. Forcing the group to find shelter in the wilds away from their home.

Check out our hands-on preview of episode one, All That Remains, which introduced a new, tougher, and a little older Clementine having to go it alone as the tragedies of the zombie apocalypse keep piling up.

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