Cults are easily one of the creepiest things on Earth. The Sacrament, an Eli Roth-produced, Ti West directed film explores that creepiness at an unnamed location. The plot follows two Vice reporters (portrayed by AJ Bowen and Joe Swanberg) traveling to the sober commune of a fashion photographer friend's sister. As the reporters document their increasingly creepy experience, some hijinks ensue: Like, you know, a Christ like figure ruling over adults, mass suicide, and murder. Typical of any Roth-produced project.

Worth noting: The film takes its inspiration from the infamous Jonestown Massacre in Guyana of 1978, in which over 900 people died of suicide and/or murder by way of cyanide. 

Sounds like some good wholesome fun for the whole family! Check out t he trailer above.

[via Firstshowing]