Kinkiest quality: Sex changes covered by insurance 

Dubbed "Pornland" because of the insane number of strip clubs that show up on almost every street in the Pacific Northwest city, Portland has a huge swinger community, drive-in sex boxes that are only $5.30 per pervy view, and for BDSM lovers. There's Portland's leather scene smack down like Bad Girls for BDSM-loving lesbians and Dirty Playground for everyone in the queer kink community. For those looking for a true beating, Portland has a 3,500-square-foot dungeon appropriately called The Sindicate that includes Japanese rope bondage and more.

Other than the secret sex work going on over seitan buffalo wings at vegan strip clubs like Casa Diablo, Portland also has an extremely liberal philosophy towards gender and sex roles. In 2011, Portland City insurance widened the cities policy to include sex changes. According to a Forbes study, Portlanders use 227 contraceptives per capita, making it the second most lustful city in America.