Kinkiest quality: Fetish bars 

One of Thailand's first beach resorts in the '60s, gorgeous Pattaya has swiftly become even more scandalous than Bangkok in terms of the commercial sex trade and erotic tourism. Much like Bangkok, but with more options and more reasonable prices, someone interested in a Pattaya girl can spend upwards of $66 on a Go-Go Girl on Walking Street , $70 on a Soapie massage, or $33 for a freelancer at a beer bar.

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, but the Pattaya police don't really care about what's going on despite the fact that they do make arrests once a month. Prostitution is the city's greatest money maker.

True kinksters can take advantage of this seedy underworld by going to Pattaya for some next-level consensual kink. Secret Motions Fetish Bar on the outskirts of Pattaya offers all sorts of mistresses, slaves, and switches a BDSM-loving tourist might desire. There's a voyeur room, a hospital room, and military fantasy room. There's also Bar Bar and The Castle—which extends its services to those with small festishes, like toe-licking or being fed with a bottle like a baby.