A new Michigan restaurant's name has drawn fear and concern from local residents, 

After taking over the Eastpointe, Mich. restaurant formerly known as Ideli, native Syrians George and Rana Kasar decided establishment needed a new name. They settled on The Bomb.

The Bomb offers both middle eastern and American foods like their signature dish: The Bomb Fajita. However, local residents were skeptical of the name change: 

“Am I the only one that is thinking this is a stupid name change?” asked Meredith, a Sterling Heights resident who was a regular at Ideli.

“That does seem like a really ill-conceived name for a middle eastern restaurant. Unless they want to be on DHS watch lists,” Nicole, of Royal Oak, posted on Facebook.

“It’s a problem only if either they 1. add an -er to the end, 2. deliver in a van with their company name on it,” wrote Rich from Flint.

“Definitely should re-think that,” added Roger, of Clifford, Mich.

Rana Kasar told CBS Detroit that the name was all her husband's idea, revealing that even she was hesitant about it. "I said, ‘No! It’s too much!’ He’s like, 'No, no, no. I think it’s going to be perfect,'" she explained. 

Kasar said the name was inspired by American slang. "Something like, when they eat something they’re like, 'Wow! It’s the bomb.'" Welcome to 1994.

Still, people are getting the wrong idea. "[It’s] a little bit scary. They think we’re terrorists now," she joked. The only thing they're guilty of, if anything, is naming their business after dated slang.

[via CBS Detroit]