Gamers can't get enough of Borderlands, so even as developer Gearbox Software wraps-up a final round of Borderlands 2 DLC with the Headhunter series, developer Telltale games is getting ready to spill the beans on its episodic tie-in Tales From the Borderlands.

You may have heard of the little game studio called Telltale that is currently killin' it with the second season of The Walking Dead video game, The Wolf Among Us crossover from the Fables series as well as the tiny upcoming HBO project Game of Thrones video game tie-in. Last year during Spike TV's VGX awards Telltale announced a partnership with Gearbox to continue the story of Borderlands and now we'll finally find out how.

The SXSW panel will see Gearbox President Randy “no nonsense” Pitchford, writer Anthony Burch, and franchise director Matthew Armstrong on stage with Telltale President Kevin Bruner and designer Harrison Pink to hash out the upcoming game and be hounded by game journalist about the exact age of Handsome Jack. Stay tuned for more details.

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