If you’re one of the few who has experienced the cutting-edge brilliance of Brian Wood’s politically charged comic series, DMZ, this latest report from Deadline should definitely get a reaction out of you, one way or another. According to the site, Syfy is set to bring the critically acclaimed comic book to the small screen in an adaptation from Mad Men executive producers Andre and Maria Jacquemetton, along with Gravity producer David Heyman.

DMZ focuses on a photo journalism intern named Matty Roth who gets stranded on the island of Manhattan, which has been transformed into a demilitarized zone during the second American Civil War. Despite slow sales, the series ran from 2005-2012 at DC/Vertigo and racked up numerous awards and critical acclaim along the way.

While the thought of the series ending up on Syfy might worry some hardcore fans of the book, the network has made a concerted effort to beef up its programming in recent years. Plus, with that A-list team of producers behind it, DMZ might actually flourish on a network looking to take some risks. We’re just happy that Hollywood is finally starting to listen to our ideas.

[via Deadline]