Bad news for fans of Syfy’s Being Human. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network is canceling the series after the end of its fourth season, which is currently in the middle of airing. The series finale will air on April 7. Here is a statement from Syfy regarding the show’s end:

Showrunner Anna Fricke and the talented producers, writers, cast and crew have done an amazing job bringing this show to life over the past four seasons and we sincerely thank them and the series’ production company Muse Entertainment for their hard work. They’ve saved the best for last with the final six episodes that revisit the story’s beginning, leading to a not-to-be-missed send-off for Aidan, Sally, Josh and Nora.

Fans can take solace in Syfy’s description of the finale episodes, which the network says are “full of twists, turns and surprises that will culminate in a spectacular series finale.” While that kind of statement is expected from a network, it does sound like the folks behind Being Human were prepared for this and have a satisfying finale in mind.

The site also mentions that Syfy itself is going through some organizational changes, so it’s possible that the new people in charge didn’t have the type of faith in Being Human as their predecessors. If you were a fan, let us know what you think of the show's abrupt end. 

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