A new study revealing the number of shots that people in various countries around the world consume weekly might surprise you.

According to Euromonitor, South Korea drinks the most, downing an average of 13.7 shots weekly. Anyone who automatically assumed Russia took the most shots on a weekly basis can see that South Korea actually consumes twice as many. In fact, a Quarts infographic based on Euromonitor's data shows that Russian alcohol consumption has declined (albeit, slowly) over the past decade.

However, Gawker points out that the chart neglects to identify the type of liquor being consumed:

Koreans might be drinking 14 shots of soju, the distilled rice liquor, but it only contains around 20 percent alcohol rather than vodka's 40.

Numbers will always be skewed for the sake of argument. It's the beautyand frustrationof statistics.

[via Gawker]