Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter says that a video game based on the popular badass biker show is back on the bloody highway to completion. “There will definitely be an SOA GAME,” Sutter Tweeted adding that it was “pretty fucking awesome.” He also noted that the game will be a first-person, action-adventure game with HD graphics.

Sutter first announced plans to launch a Sons of Anarchy game back in 2012. Initially planned as a browser-based game before deciding later that year to create a console version. However Sons of Anarchy stalled out in late 2012 when a “big publisher” pulled out of the project.

Hopefully this time around the companion to the bloody TV show will get made. After all the only real biker game on the market right now is the Ride to Hell: Retribution, one of the worse games in recent memory that I can't wait for forget.

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[Via Joystiq]