Have you at any point in the last few months felt personally victimized by Shia LaBeouf's recent weird antics in the press? Are you currently in the Los Angeles area? If you answered yes to these two questions (or, even, just the second question), then good news: Shia LaBeouf would like to apologize to you in person some time between today and this coming Sunday. 

According to HitFix, LaBeouf is holding individual sessions in LA's The Cohen Gallery, where he sits across the table from the person he is "apologizing" to whilst wearing the same paper bag over his head that he can be seeing wearing in the picture above at Berlinale. It's not clear what he's exactly apologizing for—maybe that whole plagiarism scandal? In any case, the whole thing is being described as an art installation, bearing the title, #IAMSOSORRY. This is from Kyle Buchanan's account of his visit for Vulture—after sitting in silence for a few moments, Buchanan reports that the following happened:

After a moment, I put the ukelele down and offer him an upturned palm. None of my other questions have produced any sort of reaction from him, but I know this one will be different. "Do you want to hold my hand?" I ask.

A minute later, he puts his hand in mine and leaves it there.

And so I sit across from Shia LaBeouf with our hands intertwined and resting on the pink ukelele, the actor's gaze constant and growing wetter until tears start to fall from his eyes, streaking down the brown paper bag over those messy, scrawled capital letters. He rubs my hand with his thumb as he cries.

And, from Seth Abramovitch and Philiana Ng's account for The Hollywood Reporter:

The visitor is then led past a curtain into a tiny room. Inside, LaBeouf sits at a small wooden table, the now-famous paper bag declaring "I am not famous anymore" placed over his head. (The wrinkled bag appears to be the same one he wore on the Berlin red carpet.) During THR's visit, LaBeouf never broke eye contact during the one-on-one but responded with total silence to a series of questions. His only reaction came at the very end, in the form of a nodded acknowledgment after being thanked for the experience.

TL;DR version? LaBeouf is participating in a strange art installation in LA between now and Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM, and you'll either end up sitting in silence with him or making him cry. Good times?

[via HitFix]

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