If you thought the cast list for the first Sharknado movie was ridiculous, what with Beverly Hills, 90210 star-turned Chippendale-turned actor again Ian Ziering and Tara Reid headlining the film, wait until you see who's lined up for the sequel. While Ziering and Reid will definitely be back, Zap2It is reporting that the film's NYC-set sequel will also feature Vivica A. Fox, Mark McGrath (as in, Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath), Kelly Osbourne, Andy Dick, 30 Rock's Judan Friedlander, and Judd Hirsch. Weird, right?

From Zap2It:

So, just who's signed on? Vivica A. Fox, as Fin's old high school friend, Skye; Mark McGrath, as Fin's brother-in-law; Kelly Osbourne, as a flight attendant; Andy Dick, as a police officer (HAH!); Judah Friedlander, as Brian (just Brian -- no other defining characteristics necessary); and Judd Hirsch, as a taxi driver, naturally.

Sharknado 2 will premiere on Syfy in July. 

Also: It's worth noting that Osbourne will be portraying a flight attendant in the film. Does this mean that planes are involved? Let's not forget, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus did it first...

[via Zap2It]