Super Bowl season is upon us, everyone, and—like most hard-core gamers—you may be saying to yourself, "Who cares?" Totally understandable. Many of us have better things to do than watching football games. But, if you happen to be a crossover fan of both sports and gaming, then you're in luck! Because we've put together a list of Super Bowl Players and Their Video Game Counterparts.  If you don't like football, you may be surprised at some of the similarities that these athletes have with your some of your favorite characters. 

After all, most athletes, like all video game characters, are larger than life figures, boasting outsize frames and eye-popping athleticism that are just as incoherent with normal reality as the machine-gun arm of Barrett Wallace from Final Fantasy VII or the destructive power of a well-timed Falcon Punch from Captain Falcon. What other popular characters made our list and, more importantly, who are the athletes that match up with them?

Take a look for yourself, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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