Got a problem keeping secrets? Satisfy your urge to get it out of your system (instead of telling some random person at a bar at 2 o'clock in the morning) by using the new iOS app, Secret. Chances are, you might already have had one of your secrets told by someone you know.

The app lets users see secrets that are posted by people they know, without revealing their identity. It works by pulling the phone numbers users have in their phone, and matching those with other users of the app. You can also check out secrets posted by people your friends know, and other popular ones that are trending—and trust us, some of this stuff is crazy. Of course, some people could be talking out of their asses when it comes to a lot of it, but some of it is rather depressing and real. Many secrets, though, are hilarious. Here are 15 Secret App Messages That Will Make You LOL and :(  At The Same Time.

Don't forget to download Secret for iOS here.

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