People have an intense urge to share things about themselves. Whether we're around friends, family or posting to Facebook, it's hard to hold back the things we want to say the most. And sometimes those things are secrets.

Secret is the new app that lets you post your secrets Twitter style while remaining anonymous. If your friends in your contacts lists are posting secrets as well, you'll be notified that a friend posted it, but not who. This is the same for friends of friends and posts that pop up just because they're popular. If this sounds familiar, that's because it's not a very innovative idea. There have been anonymous message boards on the Internet for years, but because of the people purportedly using Secret, things have gotten a little interesting. 

Supposedly there's a few Silicon Valley players who have been posting things on the app. 


Of course, there's no way to verify these things straight from the app. But they're interesting and warrant some looking into. Between these notable secrets, people are posting their fears, regrets, and frustrations. So if you're ready to see how unhappy other people are, or want to add some light to the app with some positive secrets, check it out. Download it for iOS here

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