Ten years ago to the day, an overconfident producer from Chicago changed hip-hop (and music in general, to be honest) with a debut album that diverted from the genre's norms of the time. With The College Dropout, Kanye West delivered a personal statement that unfolded in near cinematic fashion, peppered with hilarious skits that accented his signature sense of humor, as well as approach to music making that built on what he accomplished on early-2000s Roc-A-Fella releases.

The album's overarching theme was college, specifically West's decision to leave it in order to pursue his dreams. One of the reasons the album resonated so well is because the average hip-hop fan—who most likely never sold drugs, fired a gun or spent time in jail—could truly relate to it. Whether you were a college graduate, a college student, college-bound or a dropout like West himself, you could identify with the subject matter because West was relaying similar experiences and ambitions.

Despite his association with college, Kanye certainly isn't the only rapper to attend. Many others pursued higher education; some dropped out, while others finished school and even sought graduate degrees. Here's a look at several of these rappers, as well as where they went to school and what they studied.

Written by Julian Kimble (@JRK316)

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