The dating game is the trickiest sport of all, and there's only one thing that can make it trickier: that most formidable force that rules the romance landscape and send dudes into a tailspin on an annual basis.

That's right: Valentine's Day.

But not to worry, son! We’re here to help. As the big day approaches, let's focus on the one element of dating that you have the most control over: what to wear. Here are a few friendly, useful fashion tips to make your Valentine's Day go smoothly:

Not for Kicks: We get it: You love your sneaks. But V-Day is a special occasion. She's not going to care about the obscure collector in Taiwan that you ordered your super exclusive vintage b-ball high-tops from. Try some more upscale shoes or even a dope pair of biker boots.

Don't Cross the Tee: She'll be rolling her eyes. Save the T-shirt for another time. Release your inner Drake or Gosling with a nice Henley shirt.

Wool Overcoat: Maybe the moto or the bomber are more your style, but V-Day is a high-falutin' affair. When in doubt, err on the side of dapper.

Rock the Crease: Sure cargo pants, cords, and camos are all comfy and casual, but why not take it the extra mile with a pair of crisp chinos, or even new, non-baggy jeans.

Sock it to Her: Not literally, of course. But just make sure you're not wearing the same socks you'd have on at the gym. Throw on a nice pair of Argyles and stay a while.

These are just a few tips to set your Valentine's Day off on the right foot. And to make things easier on yourself, you could always hit up a screening of About Last Night once dinner is through. After all, laughter isn't only the best medicine, it's also a great way to set the mood. Just be sure to get your tickets in advance by visiting, and learn more about the characters by visiting this creative blog