President Obama has reiterated his previous claim that he is committed to net neutrality, after a recent court order struck down the FCC’s “open Internet” rules. In a Google+ Hangout session yesterday, he said the government is “looking at all the options at [its] disposal” to keep the Internet free.

"It’s something that I’ve cared deeply about ever since I ran for office. My own campaign was empowered by a free and open Internet and the ability for citizens all across this country to engage and create and find new ways and new tools to mobilize themselves,” said Obama, adding that he likely would not have been elected if "there were a bunch of commercial barriers and roadblocks" restricting the Internet.

While the president made sure to remind the public that he respects the court’s decision, he insisted that Americans can "feel confident that this administration will continue to support [a free Internet].” Unfortunately it’s very much easier said than done.

[via Ars Technica]