Roberta Williams' 1995 point-and-click classic (of questionable [NSFW] tastePhantasmagoria is getting a low budget live-action film adaptation, as handled by LA-based production company Black Castle Productions.

The game, a groundbreaking-if-bizarrely-adult-softcore entry for a developer famous for developing Sierra's classic King's Quest series, follows a Shining-esque plot about a young writer and her husband hoping to fix up their newly acquired remote East Coast mansion that previously belonged to a 19th century magician. As you might imagine, horror, demonic posession and all sorts of other terror ensue – the game also received significant controversy over for its graphic depictions of violence, nudity and a rape scene.

The film follows a similar story, with the house being moved to a Southern plantation; it was announced last year, but has evidently received little press thus far. The film will be directed by Steven Shea with a scheduled for a release this year, and reportedly stars Harry Potter's Miriam Margolyes and The OC's Mischa Barton, who was definitely not old enough to play the original game when it first came out.

Via Bloody Disgusting