What if you could play Pokemon with you friends by using chat on Twitch? It would be amazing right? Now what if a few thousand people tried to play all at the same time. Starting to get a panic attack? Yeah me too.

Over five and half million people have watched and thousands have taken park in a still-going game of Pokemon Red that's being live streamed on Twitch where user comments are controlling the game. An anonymous Twitch users has created a script that allows anyone to directly control the game by typing out commands into the text window. As you might imagine, thousands of gamers may have different ideas about what to do. Leading to so aggravatingly slow progress, at least for the watchers.

"I wrote a script in Python that listens for buttons said in chat and simulates a keypress for the corresponding button in the emulator," the creator explained to Twitch, in comments given to Eurogamer.

"Pokémon seemed like a natural choice due to its lack of reaction-demanding gameplay and very forgiving difficulty. When making it I didn't know if anyone would be interested, it was intended more as a proof-of-concept. I didn't have any expectations of how people would interact with the stream, but I was very curious. I never planned on this many viewers/players so I'm glad that it's holding up as well as it is."

For its part Twitch is pretty excited about how users are able to get their viewers to be more interactive. "This is one more example of how video games have become a platform for entertainment and creativity that extends way beyond the original intent of the game creator," Twitch exec Matthew DiPietro explained.

Check out the game on Twitch here.

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[Via Eurogamer]