A U.S. doctor has allegedly come up with a way to increase sexual drive and satisfaction for women. Warning: It involves needles.

According to the Daily Mail, Dr. Samuel Wood and Vampire Facelift developer Charles Runels created the O-Shot, which involves blood with its platelets separated being injected into the vagina, therefore creating new cells and making it more sensitive. Wood told ABC News that the response to the O-Shot has been positive: "The most common thing I hear is 'wow, what an orgasm.'"

Wood also told Good Morning America that, of the almost 80 women who have been treated, about 85 percent have responded well. He added that after 14 months, patients are still reporting "outstanding" responses. Here's something else to consider: the O-Shot is not cheap—they cost about $1,500.

The Daily Mail says shots are currently undergoing clinical trials, but are they worth it?

[via Daily Mail UK]