Though we've got official confirmation that Taken 3 is happening, the biggest question is still left unanswered by filmmakers and stars: Who on Earth can be taken in Bryan Mills' (Liam Neeson) life now, after pretty much his entire family has been kidnapped in the first two films? Wouldn't they technically know the protocol at this point? It almost seems like the only people left to be taken are those who are probably less important to Bryan Mills, like maybe extended family, or former college roommates or something—and that would certainly make for a less exciting film.

But! It looks like the writers have a plan in mind to keep Taken 3 from repeating the same plot that the first two films did: Apparently, this time, no one will be taken.

It was Neeson himself to reveal the plot detail, while appearing on UK's The Jonathan Ross Show recently. "They called me up and I said, 'I'll do it...but only as long as nobody gets taken,'" Neeson said. According to Bleeding Cool, though Ross "pushed for more details," that's all Neeson would reveal.

So, how will Taken 3 work if no one gets taken? With production beginning this year, more plot details will hopefully be revealed soon.

[via The Playlist]