Remember when the sci-fi genre consisted of heady plots and chilling concepts, rather than Transformers and superheroes? Well first-time director Wally Pfister is looking to take audiences back to the genre’s glory days in the upcoming technological thriller, Transcendence. In the movie, Johnny Depp plays a brilliant scientist studying Artificial Intelligence, until he is gunned down by an anti-technology extremist group. His wife, played by Rebecca Hall, realizes that the only way to save his life is to download his intelligence and consciousness into a machine based on his own technology.

This latest trailer for the movie gives viewers a look at the chilling aftermath of Depp’s own transcendence and how this power turns him into a being of technological omnipotence. Pfister is best known as the cinematographer on many of Christopher Nolan’s movies, and that influence is clearly evident here. From the looks of it, Transcendence is widescreen filmmaking with a brain behind it. What a concept. 

Transcendence touts a stacked cast and a message worth hearing, but you’ll have to wait until it hits theaters on April 17 to see if Pfister sticks the landing.

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