After the unmitigated disaster that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, it's nice to see a game that appears to be taking the time to properly create the texture of dread and horror that the franchise arguably deserves. So it seems to be with Alien Isolation, which, apart from taking its inspiration and narrative canonical placement from Ridley Scott's original 1979 masterwork Alien also looks like it could end up being a really horrifying game of predator and prey in which you don't really know what the xenomorph is going to do next. The potential is definitely there.

You don't get a sense of that in a handful of freshly released screens from developer Creative Assembly, but in its stead you get one the murder scene of one eviscerated white-blooded android as well as some lived-in details of the Weyland-Yutani-owned space station where the game takes place.

What can you glean from a cluttered work area with a little robot trinket housing a small monitor opposite some soda cans? Not much, apart from the developers' focus on attention-to-detail. However, that torn in half android is a bit more macabre, and certainly suggests the game will have plenty of tense discoveries and unsettlingly atmospheric moments.

Check the full spate of screens via the link below. Alien Isolation should be out for next-gen consoles and PC sometime late this year.

Via Creative Assembly