Welp, this is without the doubt the strangest casting you'll read about today. According to Variety, Mike Tyson and Pamela Anderson are in talks to, for real, join the cast of Werner Herzog's upcoming project Vernon God Little—yes, the same one that recently cast Russell Brand in a role. Is this the weirdest group of actors ever? Quite possibly. From Variety:

Brand is set to play a charming, yet unscrupulous TV reporter, Lally, who manipulates the situation, while Anderson will be Vernon’s sweet airhead mother, and Tyson is the ax murderer, Lasalle, who Vernon meets in jail, and who gives him the name “God.”

The project is based off of D.B.C. Pierre's 2003 coming of age book of the same name. In addition to Brand, both Austin Abrams and Sasha Pieterse have been confirmed to star in the lead roles. Plotwise, the story, according to The Hollywood Reporter, follows a teenager named Vernon whose "world falls apart when his best friend, Jesus Navarro, murders their classmates in the schoolyard, and Vernon is taken in for questioning...the story unfolds with Vernon existing in a hyper real world of accusation and betrayal." The screenplay was penned by Andrew Birkin, who previously adapted Perfume in 2006.

Who'da thought we'd see the day when a Werner Herzog film starred Mike Tyson and Pamela Anderson?

[via The Hollywood Reporter]