Last year during E3 Microsoft stirred up a hate-storm when it announced some features of the Xbox One; many of which were changed by the time the console launched. One of those was digitally downloadable games with no physical copies. Gamers were worried that they couldn't lend, sell or trade their $60 investment.

But what if it was almost half as much? Microsoft has put the Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome on sale for $39.99 as part of a “test” to see if it can boost sales of digital-only games. At that price, Ryse is cheaper to buy online than it is used at certain brick and mortar game stores.

What do you think? Are you likely to buy more games if they are cheaper but you can't sell or trade them? Have you had any change of heart since getting some time to warm up to the Xbox One?


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[Via Joystiq]