The first month of legal marijuana was successful in Colorado, so an increase in the popularity of edibles is only natural. 

The simultaneous demand for marijuana and baked goods has led to an increase in pot bakeries, particularly in Denver. According to the Daily Meal, Sweet Grass Kitchen has experienced a noticeable increase in orders despite the fact that their license to sell recreational marijuana  hasn't even been processed yet.

At Sweet Grass Kitchen, marijuana is infused into their sweet cream butter as opposed to injecting the butane hash oil. Owner Julie Berliner figures it's because people don't want to deal with the smoke or obvious smell. That's possible, but there's also the matter of potency.

"Edibles in particular seem to be incredibly popular in the recreational market... even more so than the medical market," owner Berliner said. The Daily Meal adds that Sweet Grass Kitchen solved its demand issue by growing their own weed as opposed to dealing with a distributor. 

Business should continue to boom for the remainder of the year.

[via The Daily Meal]

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